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Location Date Title
Dublin Tue 28 Feb Balancing your Hormones Naturally details
Galway Tue 28 Mar Balancing Hormones: A Natural Approach details
Dublin Tue 4 Apr Plant-based Diet for Beginners details

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Balancing your Hormones Naturally

Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD

Dublin, Tuesday 28th February, 7.00pm

At this seminar Dr Marilyn Glenville will show how balancing your hormones can help eliminate PMS, help with endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS, and menopause, and reduce your risk of breast cancer.

You will learn how you can balance your hormones naturally, to help increase your energy, eliminate mood swings, get rid of cravings, improve your memory, reduce stress, anxiety, tension and irritability, and lose weight without dieting.

Dr Marilyn Glenville Phd is a well-known nutritionist specialising in women’s health. She is the Former President of the Food and Health Forum at the Royal Society of Medicine and also the author of many books on women’s health and fertility.

Venue: College House, 3rd floor, Townsend Street, Dublin 2
Tickets: €15

Eventbrite - Balancing Your Hormones Naturally - Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD [CNM Dublin] 28th February 2017

Balancing Hormones: A Natural Approach

Lorraine Brennan, Guided Nutrition

Galway, Tuesday 28th March, 6.00pm


  • Why balanced hormones are key to regulating mood, fertility, digestion, immune function, metabolism, skin health, and energy levels.
  • The causes of hormone imbalance and the easy ways you can avoid them.
  • Practical tips on how to achieve balance with nutrition and lifestyle choices.
Venue: School of Natural & Spiritual Science, 12b Oranmore Business Park, Oranmore, Galway
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Balancing Hormones: A Natural Approach [CNM Galway] 28th March 2017

Plant-based Diet for Beginners

Lenka Govender, PlantHappyGirl Nutrition

Dublin, Tuesday 4th April, 7.00pm


  • Why eating a plant based diet can protect you against heart disease, diabetes and cancer, and more!
  • Easy methods for getting enough protein and all the essential nutrients from natural plant sources
  • Practical tips on how to easily transition to a plant based diet successfully
Venue: College House, 3rd floor, Townsend Street, Dublin 2
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Plant-based Diet for Beginners - [CNM Dublin] 4th April 2017

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

CNM will be appearing at the following Exhibitions and Trade Shows. Come along and meet with us to discuss your new career in natural health!


Mind Body Spirit Festival

17th-19th March 2017RDS, Ballsbridge, Dublin


6th-7th May 2017Herbert Park, Dublin

Cork Veg Fest

13 May 2017Cork City Hall