Improve your health naturally by attending one of the special events below:

Location Date Title
Dublin Thu 17 Aug Brain Food details
Galway Sat 19 Aug Fermentation for Gut Health details
Cork Tues 26 Sept Achieving your optimal weight naturally details
Dublin Thu 28 Sept Foods to Fight Inflammation details
Dublin Mon 23 Oct Fat Around the Middle details
Dublin Thu 16 Nov Natural Hormone Balancing details

Guest speakers at CNM represent their own views and not necessarily those of CNM.

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Brain Food

Nutritionist and CNM graduate, Pamela Ryan of The Healthonist.

Dublin, Thursday 17th August, 7.00pm

Optimise Performance,Memory & Focus with Food


  • The nutritional elements of your brain – what does your brain need to work optimally?
  • Learn how diet and lifestyle impact brain health and performance.
  • What foods boost performance, improve focus and support memory.
Venue: CNM Dublin, College House, Townsend St, Dublin 2
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Brain Food-Optimise Performance, Memory & Focus with Food [CNM Dublin] 17th August 2017

Fermentation for Gut Health

CNM graduate and Nutritionist, Marian Williams of Nourish Life with Marian

Galway, Saturday 19th August, 2.00pm

Fermented foods are fantastic for waking up any palate and will strengthen your immune system and give a struggling digestive system a good wake-up call!


  • A beginner’s introduction to simple at-home fermentation techniques
  • The incredible health benefits of regularly eating fermented foods.
  • How to introduce fermented foods & beverages to you and your family for a boost in overall gut health and immunity.
  • Easy recipes, demos and tasters on the day!
Venue: CNM Galway, Galway Business School, Salthill, Galway
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Fermentation for Gut Health CNM Galway 19th Aug 2017

Fat around the middle

– lose the bulge for good

Dr Marilyn Glenvillemarilyn-glenvilleweb

Dublin Monday 23rd October 7.00-9.00pm

Dr Marilyn Glenville, a renowned nutritionist specialising in women’s health will explain why for many women and men of all ages, fat tends to settle around the middle. Find out why it is not all down to diet and what supplements and herbs can help you lose that apple shape faster.

Hear how being fat around the middle increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and Alzheimer’s. Learn what you can do reduce the risk, and how to get rid of that belly fat for good!

Venue: CNM, 3rd Floor, College House, Townsend St, Dublin
Tickets: €15

Eventbrite - Fat around the Middle - lose the bulge for good - Dr Marilyn Glenville PhD [CNM Dublin]

Achieving your optimal weight Naturally

Sharon O’Dwyer – Nutritionist and CNM graduate

Cork, Tuesday 26th Sept 7-9pm

Enjoy discovering how your body’s digestive system works and how you can work naturally to lose weight.


  • How to enjoy a wide variety of foods without compromising on taste – with occasional treats!
  • How to acknowledge natural hunger hormones – and keep them in balance
  • Which foods nourish your body and increase vitality – with free tasters on the night!
Venue: CNM Cork: Rochestown Park Hotel, Rochestown Rd, Douglas, Cork
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Achieving your optimal weight naturally - Cork Thurs 21st Sept

Foods to Fight Inflammation

Nutritionist and CNM graduate, Yvonne Deegan of Von’s Health Store

Dublin, Thursday 28th September, 7.00pm

The natural way to reduce pain, swelling and prevent injury


  • What is inflammation, what causes it and how can it affect your body?
  • Anti-inflammatory foods and their benefits.
  • Cooking demo and tasting plus inflammation fighting recipes.
Venue: CNM, 3rd Floor, College House, Townsend St, Dublin
Tickets: €5

Natural Hormone Balancing

Miriam McDonald

Miriam McDonald of Fresh Perceptions Health

Dublin, Thursday 16th November, 7.00pm

Get real answers on how to achieve optimal hormone health naturally.


  • Why balanced hormones are key to regulating mood, fertility, digestion, immune function, metabolism, skin health, and energy levels.
  • The causes of hormone imbalance for men and women, and the easy ways you can avoid them.
  • Practical tips on how to achieve balance with herbs, nutrition andlifestyle choices.
Venue: CNM, 3rd Floor, College House, Townsend St, Dublin
Tickets: €5

Eventbrite - Natural Hormone Balancing [CNM Dublin] 16th November 2017

Exhibitions & Trade Shows

CNM will be appearing at the following Exhibitions and Trade Shows. Come along and meet with us to discuss your new career in natural health!

Title Date Location Details
Vigour Fitness and Wellbeing Festival Sunday 20 August 2017 Regional Park, Ballincollig More
Dublin Vegfest 23rd + 24th September 2017 Griffith College Campus, Dublin More