CNM students and graduates come from all walks of life and backgrounds. What links them is the desire to help others to better
health, and their commitment to having a fulfilling and flexible career.

CNM turned me into a practitioner

I didn’t want to have just academic knowledge, I wanted a course that would teach me to be a practitioner. Faced with fertility issues, I had Acupuncture to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy. I still remember the moment on the Acupuncturist’s couch when I thought ‘I’d quite like to retrain as an Acupuncturist’. I fell pregnant, and my Acupuncture studies were put on hold for 8 years until my second child went to school.

My main consideration in choosing somewhere to study was that they had to be accredited with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. CNM stood out as it allowed for part time learning. It also required 400 clinical hours to graduate.


Claire, Graduate in Acupuncture

I’m a GP studying Nutrition at CNM

I qualified from medical school in 1991 and have been practising as a doctor since then, currently working as a GP in my own practice in London. I have a career long interest in complementary medicine and an open minded holistic approach to my patients. Whilst conventional medicine is fantastic and lifesaving for many patients, I felt there had to be another way of tackling some health problems without endless prescriptions for drugs, which often seemed to do more harm than good; or fruitless referrals to hospital specialists who seemed to only focus on one part of the body and leave my patient and myself no closer to understanding the problem. I began to suspect that many patients’ problems had a connection with their food or their gut, which was not solved by referrals to dieticians and gastroenterologists. I started looking for a course to help me understand food as medicine.


Dr Laura, Student in Nutrition

Life as a Nutritional Therapist

I worked for years in the IT industry, whilst also qualifying in other natural therapies. The more I learnt about natural health, the more I wanted to become a Nutritionist, as it was clear that our dietary choices have a huge impact on health. I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at CNM because I was keen on the naturopathic, holistic focus of the course. I was also able to study part time and so could keep earning in the meantime.
My inspirational lecturers and hundreds of hours of clinical practice meant that I graduated in 2008 and went on to become a successful Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, or ‘Nutritionist’.


Fiona, Graduate in Nutrition

Why I’m training for a new career

The CNM course is both challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to qualifying as a nutritional therapist next year and starting a new career and way of life. I started my studies with CNM two years ago after discovering for myself the power of food and nutrition to change my life. I am currently a business consultant and so studying nutrition is a world away from my current day job. I also studied History at university and so I didn’t come from a scientific background.

The CNM course is both challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to qualifying as a nutritional therapist next year and starting a new career and way of life.


Julia, Student in Nutrition

Acupuncture – a meaningful path

Studying at CNM is such an adventure – it’s a great college, the people are amazing. I studied law, but never found working in that area truly interesting. After I had my second child, and was looking to return to work, I asked myself what I was doing with my life. My mum practices Acupuncture in the USA and from her experience I knew that could offer me a meaningful path. My husband and I worked out a plan whereby I could retrain as an Acupuncturist.

I considered various courses but they couldn’t offer what I needed whilst being a mum. CNM was the best option as it offers great classes, and weekend study. It’s really affordable and the teachers are amazing. It’s flexible, too. I completed my first year at CNM studying Biomedicine, and when I fell pregnant with my third child I took a year out to be with my new born baby.


Ingrid, Student in Acupuncture

CNM’s course led to my dream career

As a teenager I suffered horribly with acne and poor skin. Having no idea about the underlying causes I tried every lotion and potion under the sun to try to help myself, to no avail. Without knowing where to turn for help, I visited my GP who then put me on the contraceptive pill in an attempt to balance my hormones. I’m certain that this was a turning point for many of the subsequent health issues that were soon to follow.

I quickly began to have mood swings and felt depressed and low. Along with these new symptoms I was suffering from endless bouts of thrush, having problems with my periods and was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In the meantime, my skin problems had only exacerbated and I was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks to add to the bargain. All in all it was a pretty miserable state of affairs for a young teenage to find herself in.


Sarah, Graduate in Herbal Medicine

My Dad’s Acupuncture inspired my career

Back in Australia my family have always utilised natural therapies. My mother was a nurse who re-trained as a Homeopath. When my father was diagnosed as having a serious condition, he got extremely positive results using Acupuncture, astounding his medical consultant in the process. After travelling to the UK, meeting my husband and settling down to start a family, I found natural therapies, such as homeopathy, to be gentle and effective for my children. My grand plan was always to return to work once the children were at school. With no local family support, however, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to be able to work from home, or at least to be available at school pick up and drop off times.


Vanessa, Student in Acupuncture

CNM has changed my lifestyle choices

I’ve always been passionate about the healing the body naturally.After spending 8 years working as a complimentary therapist, I decided to take the next step and study nutrition at CNM. I knew after completing the first lecture that this was what I wanted to do. I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 25. I had my first son naturally by using herbs and receiving acupuncture treatment. During the CNM course I changed my diet and lifestyle. I went on to have two more boys while studying the nutrition course!

CNM has completely changed my lifestyle choices. I love CNM’s approach to treating the body as a whole as opposed to treating a condition.
After completing the course I am now setting up my own business and will practice as a naturopathic nutritionist.

Audrey, Graduate in Nutrition

I wanted to help people with food as medicine

I started the course in naturopathic nutrition with CNM because I have always had a huge passion for food, but always felt there was more to it than the taste, I wanted to be able to help people with what food can do for you. During the course, I not only gained enough knowledge to become a practitioner as I am now, but I also learned how to improve my own diet and lifestyle. I lost a lot of excess weight, started exercising and my skin got a lot healthier. But most importantly, I improved my mood. I am now happy and healthy and love the life I was able to create with my new career.

CNM graduate and Naturopathic Nutritionist at Dynamic Nutrition

Jorien, Graduate in Nutrition

I am so happy that I decided to pursue my studies in Nutrition

I chose to embark on a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM out of a keen interest in using the right nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle and I was curious to learn more. Over the three years, along with making some great friends, the convenient weekend lectures exposed me to a wide range of fascinating content, hands-on clinical experience and an invaluable support network from the lecturers and staff at CNM. Many exciting new doors have opened for me since graduating from CNM and I am currently studying for my MSc in Personalised Nutrition at CNELM in the UK. I am so happy that I decided to pursue my studies in Nutrition and I am so thankful to CNM for making it happen.

Caroline, Graduate in Nutrition

Cricket Player Turns to Nutrition

As a sports-mad kid growing up in Australia, nutrition was more of an afterthought. I thought, “if you’re active, you’re healthy”. In 2007, I moved to Ireland and began playing cricket for the Irish team. It was then that my attitude towards nutrition started to change. By 2008, the Irish team had become mostly professional players, and the importance of nutrition and hydration became a big role in our preparations for games.
In 2013, I was struck down with painful sciatica and a bulging disc.


Alex, Student in Nutrition

My Lecturers were amazing role models.

Anonymous feedback from our Student Survey.

This is my first online survey and my last, as I have happily completed all my lectures for Herbal Medicine/Naturopathy. I really enjoyed most of the lectures this year for Nat Study. Peter Jackson-Main and Stephen Langley were amazing role models. They are both hugely inspiring and very experienced teachers. I loved their lectures which took me way beyond my expectations. My time has been enjoyable over the last 4 years. The girls in the Dublin office have been fantastic. I will miss them as I will miss my studies but I’m eager to get going with my therapy now and continue to learn about the wonderful expanding world of Plant medicine and Naturopathy. Thank you all.


— Naturopathy Study – Level I (Class ‘Weekend’) Student studying at CNM Dublin
15th July 2016

CNM found a study plan that would work for me.

I had struggled with hormone, skin and blood sugar issues since being a teenager, although I had no idea that these could be related to diet and nutrition. Later when trying to start a family, I picked up a few books which explained the connections between diet and fertility. That was when the penny dropped. After changing my diet and having a course of acupuncture, I fell pregnant with my second child.

I looked into the opportunity to study Nutrition further. As I wanted a career afterwards, it was important to me that CNM’s course was accredited. My son was just three months old when I started the course, but CNM was happy to find a study plan that would work for me.


Joanne, Graduate in Nutrition

I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers

As a nurse I have always enjoyed helping others. I currently lecture at Edinburgh Napier University where I teach nursing students. About four years ago I just didn’t feel particular great. The skin over my body was bad and my mood was very low. I don’t remember having much input into nutrition as a student nurse, but I did my own research and decided to follow a purely plant-based, mostly organic diet, and to cut out all processed food. Within a couple of months my skin was clear, my eczema gone, and best of all, the cloud which had followed me around each day had vanished. I felt as though a fog had cleared out of my head.


Mhari, Student in Nutrition

I fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM

I taught music and Danish for more than 10 years, which I enjoyed, but my voice couldn’t cope with the strain. So when my family and I moved to London, I knew I had to find a new career. Way back I had had some great experiences with Acupuncture on my travels to Asia, China in particular, so I when I saw CNM’s Acupuncture Course I attended an open day. I simply fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM and their focus on using natural means to keep healthy and happy.


Gry, Graduate in Acupuncture

I learned so much!

I began my journey to better health in 2011 following the diagnosis of my then 7 year old with Type 1 diabetes. Hoping to combat some of the IBS symptoms I myself was suffering due to stress and anxiety, combined with my desire to ensure my family had the best nutrition we could for the sake of my son’s condition, I embarked on a journey to better nutrition.


Denise Keane 2

Denise, Graduate in Nutrition

CNM gave me the knowledge and credentials

Having been told that I may have difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis and polycystic ovaries and was fortunate to have 5 healthy kids naturally, I began to attribute this to a healthy diet and exercise. I guess I have always been interested in health and fitness coming from a family of health fanatics. I studied with CNM to enhance my knowledge and give me the qualification to take this further.


Deirdre, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I realised I wanted to help sick people

My first experience with natural therapies occurred in my teens after I’d been taking antibiotics for seven consecutive months for a throat infection. The infection was still there and my physical health had seriously deteriorated. On the acupuncturist’s couch just four needles were inserted in my hands and feet. After thirty minutes, I came out of a doze to find my mind buzzing with an alert clarity I hadn’t felt in years.


Clare, Graduate in Naturopathic Acupuncture

My interest for nutrition grew and is now a passion

I previously worked in hospitality where I was exposed to people’s eating habits and was constantly hearing about women struggling to keep healthy or unsure of what to eat. They would binge eat or feel guilt or unease about their food choices. At home, some family members also had some weight issues which I think had an impact on me subconsciously.


Lucy, Student in Naturopathic Nutrition

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition

Having moved from Mexico to Ireland over 10 years ago drastically changed my diet, lifestyle and waistline. My health and energy levels were affected as a result so when I came across CNM’s courses, I knew straight away that I wanted to learn about this topic.
I completed the Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and that was just the start of this amazing journey!


Karla, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

CNM changed the course of my life

Having spent many years working in the field of Sales, Marketing and Product development within the Tourism Industry, I always had a strong focus on the Asian and African markets; these were the areas of the world I loved to explore, to integrate myself into understanding these fascinating cultures.


Tara, Graduate in Acupuncture
& Naturopathy

I knew CNM was the right place for me

To find a college that taught Herbal Medicine alongside Naturopathy made the course very well rounded. There are so many aspects of natural medicine that complement and strengthen one another and studying Naturopathy gave me a great overall understanding of these and many additional clinical tools I could use as well as Herbal Medicine.



Marina, Graduate in Herbal
Medicine & Naturopathy

 I love my job

I have always been interested in the body and how it works. I studied Beauty Therapy when I left school and very quickly specialised in Skincare. I soon realised the limitations of using product in isolation in achieving positive results.


Emily, Graduate in Acupuncture
and Naturopathy

I like CNM’s high academic standards

I went to the UK to study at CNM because I could undertake specialist studies in Naturopathic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. They have been my passion ever since gaining a Bachelor’s in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at University in India.



Priti, Graduate in Naturopathic
Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

I wanted to do something meaningful

After spending 8 years in property development, I wanted to do something which would utilise my interest in natural medicine. I tried a couple of correspondence courses on the subject but they didn’t work out because I’m better at face-to-face learning.



Shaf, Graduate in Naturopathic
Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and