CNM Graduates

CNM’s courses are the most well-rounded and up-to-date

Suzie, Naturopathic Nutrition Graduate

When comparing various nutrition courses, CNM’s was the most well-rounded, holistic and up-to-date course around. The clinical practice was also fantastic to get real life practice. My CNM lecturers were brilliant, always challenging and supporting us.

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I was ready to see clients straightaway

Once qualified, I started to see clients straightaway. I soon realised how a paleo/primal approach to diet and lifestyle significantly helped whatever ailment my clients were dealing with. As a result, I became a huge paleo advocate and now my whole family follows a paleo lifestyle (including the dog and cats).

I launched my own healthy snack range

I launched my own range of healthy snacks, Primal Pantry, which are tasty, nutritious and made with whole foods. They are vegan and free from grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils. I could never have anticipated how popular the range would be – we sold 20,000 bars in the first two weeks after launching! I have the satisfaction of knowing that lots of people are benefitting from Primal Pantry’s commitment to real food, an approach that was highly emphasised at CNM.

CNM opened the door to my passion

Romina, CNM Graduate in Nutritional Therapy

CNM offered me the flexibility to combine studying with my long working hours. What I loved most about CNM’s course was the variety in the lecturers, their experience and practical advice which really helped set expectations for career development and growth. I found the experience eye-opening, promising and challenging.

CNM opened the door to my passion and gave me the confidence to make a difference to people’s lives by guiding their lifestyle and health choices. Learning how herbs and nutrients modulate chronic conditions, and knowing ‘We’ will be the game changers in the future of integrative medicine has been a huge motivation for me.

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Tired of running the rat race as a Business Development Manager in Finance, I had an awakening when I attended a talk on the impact of food on the body and mind during a business trip. The information I heard on the day left me with a sense of fascination for natural medicine. The more I explored this field, the more my passion for holistic health intensified. It became clear that I had found my calling. It was only later that I realised that the very same passion would eventually give me the courage to turn away from a well laid out career path and pursue my dream.

After completing my diploma, I continued my learning process and also specialised in Mycotherapy, the science of using medicinal mushrooms in clinical practice with Hifas da Terra. I am now head of their Educational Services, managing education modules, scientific information and presentations.

After retraining in Nutritional Therapy and being where I am in such a short span of time, I truly think anything is possible if you have passion. Studying at CNM showed me that training in natural therapies is the future of health.

CNM allowed me back into education and the career I wish I’d always had.

Amie, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

What attracted me to CNM was the flexibility of weekend study and exciting course content.

I studied languages, then moved into media intelligence after working in IT. Having used diet, supplements and exercise to address PCOS, I had a long-term interest in natural therapies, so I decided to turn my passion into a career which was flexible and far more interesting.

My first GP visit for problematic menses was at 14. A PCOS diagnosis at 19 followed numerous visits to GPs, gynaecologists and endocrinologists. I was variously prescribed the contraceptive pill, metformin, the coil, antidepressants and many painkillers for painful periods. No nutritional/lifestyle advice was offered. I gained a lot of weight, my periods stopped, I developed acne and mood and liver problems, which worsened through poor dietary choices at university.  Eventually a gynaecologist told me after an ovarian scan that I was unlikely to ever be able to conceive naturally.

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My mum inspired me to try natural therapies. She persevered even when I told her I wasn’t interested and the GP told her not to put ‘faddy diet ideas’ into my head. She took the time and interest, bought me all the books… I remember her taking me into Waterstones to choose. It’s entirely thanks to her I found the solution to my PCOS. After years of living in denial, I decided I was the only person who could make these changes and started researching the effects of diet and exercise. I didn’t want to feel miserable anymore! Marilyn Glenville’s books were a real turning point.

Having a lot of weight to lose, I removed all refined sugars and carbohydrates and added plenty of vegetables to my diet. I exercised at the campus gym daily. Within 4 months I’d lost 2 stone. I added herbal supplements, became adventurous with healthy meals and began to really listen to my body. My periods returned, my skin and energy improved, the weight kept coming off and my body shape changed completely, motivating me further to manage my own health.

I’ve kept my weight to optimal levels, which is key to my hormonal balance. I’ve had 3 children without any issues, something I never would’ve imagined all those years ago when the gynaecologist told me it wouldn’t be possible!

What attracted me to CNM was the flexibility of weekend study and exciting course content. Although we hardly touched on nutrition the first year, I loved the thorough biochemistry, anatomy and physiology foundation. The 200hrs’ clinical experience was fascinating and a hugely important part of moving into practice. The transformation between year 1 and year 3 in knowledge, confidence and ability was amazing. I was in a great year group sharing this unique experience of revisiting education later in life. The support and friendships had an incredibly positive impact during my time at CNM and continue, even after graduating.

Rewarding, inspiring and fascinating, my time at CNM and my qualification have opened up a whole new world to me. I feel part of a big community where there’s so much cooperation and sharing, and so many great events, webinars and learning opportunities, it never feels like a chore and it benefits our clients and everyone learning from us! I have also embarked on an MSc in nutrition science.

My company focuses on women’s health. To be able to really listen to them, when they’ve so often felt unheard, to educate and support them to use the tools which helped me so profoundly, and to see the change in them is a real privilege. The sense of empowerment they gain reminds me so much of myself once I’d learnt how to manage my health. It’s the reason I became a nutritional therapist.

I never thought it’d be possible to study again and make such a huge life change once I’d had children. The course structure at CNM allowed me back into education and the career I wish I’d always had. I qualified in the same week as having my third child! Being able to fit education and career around my family makes it all the more enjoyable. They’ve been on the journey with me and they’re certainly benefiting from my knowledge.

CNM study was life changing, inspiring, exciting

Alex, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I chose CNM because the college is so well recognised in the health industry, and the high standard of teaching is evident. What really won me over was the real life practice in the student clinic, meaning that I would be ready to see clients and be effective immediately after I qualified.

I love my job as a Nutritional Therapist and I find it so rewarding helping people to make improvements to their health. I was a Chef and cookery teacher, although my underlying passion has always been about health and nutrition. A life changing event made me determined to follow my dreams, and having successfully overcome my own health issues, I wanted to learn more about helping other people as well, using natural therapies.

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My CNM studies, including learning about the principles of Functional Medicine and addressing the underlying causes of a client’s condition, were life changing, inspiring, and exciting.

I’m now a practising Naturopath and Nutritional Therapist with two clinics. The feedback I get from my clients inspires and encourages me.  Being able to combine my Nutrition knowledge with my former Chef experience enables me to show my clients even more practical ways of improving their diet.  I am passionate about my job, and I’ll never stop learning.

I help clients regain their zest for life

Emily, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was studying archaeology and prehistoric human nutrition, when the loss of my mum to cancer shifted my thinking. It opened my eyes towards the importance of natural nutrition and made me determined to help others.

I wanted to attend a nutritional therapy course that embraced food as medicine, and which had a good balance between the academic and the practical side to stand me in good stead for being a proficient and empathetic practitioner. CNM’s 200+ clinic hours stood out for me immediately.

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The course gave me the fresh start which I was looking for after the trauma of losing my mum, and the platform I needed to launch a new career for myself in a field that I feel passionate about. It gave me the academic foundations of how the mind and body work together as a whole and the healing power of nutrition, together with the practical foundations of how to put this knowledge into practice with great results.

As soon as I qualified I got a full time job at BioCare in their Clinical Nutrition team, and I’ve set up my own private practice, too. I’m also an Assistant Clinic Supervisor at CNM Birmingham. I’m embracing every opportunity and challenge which comes my way and I’m loving it.

Practising is really fascinating detective work, digging through clients’ case histories, and using GP and functional testing, to identify the root causes of their ill-health. When I feedback my findings and naturopathic thinking to my clients, and witness their sense of empowerment when they understand their health situation after years of searching, it gives me goose bumps! Having the knowledge and skills to help clients to experience real improvements in their health through a natural approach, and regain their zest for life, is deeply fulfilling.

“Mum and Daughter CNM Graduates”

Amanda and Emily – CNM Graduates in Naturopathic Nutrition

Amanda was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2013. Her daughter Emily suffered from fatigue and digestive issues. Both women used Nutrition and lifestyle changes, without medication, to help them return to full health. So began their fascination with the power of Nutrition, which led them to a new career.

“Now, six years on, we are determined to use our experience and knowledge as qualified Nutritional Therapists in order to help others.”

Read more - “I live an outdoor life with lots of hiking.” - Amanda

“I live an outdoor life with lots of hiking.”

After years of suffering from joint swelling and immobility, in 2013 I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist as having Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He prescribed extremely powerful drugs that could have serious side-effects.   I asked the Rheumatologist if I could try a more natural approach.  However, he was very unsupportive and said that going down the natural route wouldn’t work.  He suggested that if I didn’t take the medication my condition would continue to deteriorate to where I could possibly end up in a wheelchair.

I cried.  I told him I was a runner and wanted to run a marathon.  He told me I could ‘forget that’.

I felt hopeless, and unsupported.  After 8 weeks I decided that the drugs weren’t for me. My GP confirmed that it would be ok just to stop the drugs from a safety point of view, but said it was a very stupid thing to do in terms of helping my condition.

I read a book about the impact of Nutrition, and decided to see a nutritional therapist. She gave me a diet plan, working to heal my gut and reduce inflammation in my body.  Within 6 months I felt ‘normal’ again and was able do everyday tasks without pain.  What I learnt later, when studying at CNM, was eye-opening and helped my understanding much further.

Every day I continue to work on my health.  I ensure I eat organic wholesome foods and regularly support the systems of the body by doing liver detoxes, colon cleanses and intermittent fasting.  I also begin my day each morning with yoga to focus on my wellness and approach life with a happy, balanced mindset.

I live an outdoor life with lots of hiking, and live a drug-free existence.  Two years after my original diagnosis, with lots of hard work, my blood tests came back as ‘normal’, but sadly, no-one wanted to know how this change had happened.

Read more - “I finally knew what I wanted to do.” - Emily

“I finally knew what I wanted to do.”

After being inspired by my mum’s journey back to health, I saw the same nutritional therapist for fatigue and digestive issues. By simply eliminating wheat and dairy from my diet and focusing on more natural, wholesome foods, within a short period of time I felt completely different. I felt more energised and I also felt happier within myself. Combined with the dramatic change in my Mum’s health, we were both captivated by the power of Nutrition.

I’d always thought that I wanted a high-powered career in the city and at 17 years old I’d gone straight from school to a job in the City of London as a junior insurance broker.  At first I loved it, but then I very quickly began to realise that it was taking a toll on my body, as it was a very demanding job. When I discovered Nutrition, it filled me with such excitement.  I finally knew that that was what I wanted to study and do for a living.

As soon as I found CNM I knew that their naturopathic approach made it the right choice for me.  I got an appointment with a Course Consultant and enrolled there and then. I was so excited that I called Mum on my way back from the college to the station: “You’ll love it!”.  Within a week we’d managed to get her an appointment too, and we had both signed up to do the course together.

We were instantly attracted by the naturopathic ethos of CNM. The college has an amazing community and you can feel the spirit of the staff and students as soon as you walk through the door.

Studying at CNM was thought-provoking, enlightening, uplifting and inspiring. Did we find it challenging?
Amanda: Of course! I was a housewife and hadn’t worked or studied since bringing up my three children.  I never considered giving up, though.  Both of us were determined to succeed, and CNM is there to support you all the way.

Emily:  I had to balance the demands of the job with my studies, but I felt so enthused about Nutrition that it was something I really wanted to do, so I just did it.

Our knowledge has enabled us to help so many friends and family members already.  One of them has come out of depression after suffering for years and feels that she has a new life. The joy that we feel from these successes is a huge impetus to us to help more people. Gaining the knowledge, confidence and ability from CNM to help people change their lives has been a tremendous privilege.

We feel so lucky to be able to make new careers at the ages of 53 and 25, doing what we love.

We were thrilled to graduate from CNM this year, and have now found an idyllic location to base our practice in, on a farm in Chelmsford, Essex.  We’ll be combining our love for Nutrition and Yoga to support people on their own health journey. We’ll be showing them practical dietary and lifestyle changes they can make, enabling them to make informed decisions in respect to their own health.  Our practice, Nourished Roots, takes it name from our philosophy that health and wellness begin from the root up.

Amanda and Emily can be contacted at

“I love being my own boss”

Daneila Lawler professionalDaniela Lawler, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was at a cross roads in my life, I had just had a miscarriage and needed a new focus. Reading about nutrition really excited me so I thought it would be a good idea to study it. I chose CNM because the course curriculum sounded exactly what I wanted to learn about with its naturopathic focus.

I loved studying at CNM. The camaraderie you feel amongst your peers is so uplifting. The lecturers are really knowledgeable and ignite students’ passion for the subject. Lecturers really stay up to date with new research and on top of that add an exciting spin based on their knowledge. You meet so many inspiring people and make friends for life on the journey.

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My new-found knowledge of Nutrition helped me and my family achieve a greater level of health. The drive to look and feel good had previously led me down a path of yo-yo dieting and latching on to new dietary trends, but it wasn’t until I found what nutrition was really about that I found myself free of faddy diets and hunger. I now eat a delicious varied diet and I am always satiated thanks to real foods.

After qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist I walked straight into being my own boss, which I love. I’m 8 months in and busy building momentum, but I already have a good number of clients and I’m earning a decent amount of money. It’s great that you can do this so quickly after qualifying. I can choose to evolve my business in any way I wish, depending on where my interests take me. I can also work my job around my children and our home life. It’s good to know too, that with a laptop and the internet I can stay in touch with my clients from anywhere in the world.

I have my own practice which I run from home. I have connected with a local high school and I go into various classes like food tech and child development to speak to the pupils about various topics like natural immunity for children, and the truth about grains etc. I write newsletters for them and leaflets on how to eat for exams. It’s really rewarding as the kids love it and ask so many questions. I’ve been a guest speaker at a health event where I was speaking alongside some big names, and from this I was picked up for a Radio show. I now have my own monthly slot to talk about anything I like! I’ve also written a column for a new health magazine, so it’s busy busy, as well as coming back into college as an assistant supervisor in student clinics.

As a practitioner I love the challenge of a new case; researching the potential root cause and seeing what protocol would be best for that individual. It’s the investigation that I find so interesting, and the field is always evolving so it will never get boring.

Daniela can be contacted at:

“I launched my dream business”

Lauren, CNM Graduate, Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy

What attracted me to CNM was their combination of academic learning and clinical training, as well as the flexibility to work alongside and study part-time.

I became very unwell with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome during my second year at university. After seeing a variety of GPs and specialists who all told me that my case was incurable, I discovered that changes to diet and lifestyle could truly have the power to help relieve my symptoms and improve overall wellbeing.

It made me really interested in discovering more about nutrition and how the human body works. So I left university with a new career in mind, and enrolled at CNM where I could study Naturopathy, as well as Nutrition. What attracted me to CNM was their combination of academic learning and clinical training, as well as the flexibility to work alongside and study part-time.

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What I especially loved about CNM’s course was that it really helped me understand just how important diet and lifestyle is to maintaining health and wellbeing. The course gave me the tools I needed to make decisions for my own health and provided me with plenty of clinical training experience of working with clients in a clinical setting.CNM changed my life because it gave me the ability to have the lifestyle I always desired. I launched my dream business in something I am truly passionate about; nutrition and coaching people to become the healthiest versions of themselves. I have co-founded my own wellness brand, ARDERE, with my sister. We provide expert nutritional advice, offer healthy recipes and sell 100% organic natural wax aromatherapy candles. I am particularly interested in helping people who have a poor relationship with food or weight issues.

If you are looking to learn more about functional medicine and how diet, lifestyle and overall wellbeing can be achieved through natural modalities, CNM provides great resources and develops your skills to become a confident practitioner.

Lauren can be reached at: or
Lauren can be reached:

“I overcame chronic fatigue and now help others.”

Rebecca Cotterall, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Lyme disease at the age of 13 and went from being a top grade student to one who was so poorly that I was able to attend a part time ‘special school’ in a wheelchair, only when I felt well enough. There is not a definitive cure for what I had, but through my own research I realised the power of nutrition and how much better natural remedies made me feel personally.


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When I was looking to start a course in nutrition, I investigated what was on offer and found some courses heavily based on pharmaceutical or food company research. I enrolled at CNM because their approach is very natural and holistic, as well as research-based. I could study biomedicine as part of the course, and the opportunity to study at weekends meant I could rest throughout the week.

The course was highly relevant to me. I managed to get myself better through understanding what helped me as a chronic fatigue sufferer. Now I lead a normal life and have a busy social life with no fatigue or pain (and the wheelchair is long gone).

The students at CNM are all likeminded; they are there because they want to be there and are very supportive of one another. My Director of Studies was really helpful.

I graduated from CNM in summer 2015. I opened a clinic in the August and it’s already super busy but I’m able to work the hours that suit me. I run detox programs and specialise in chronic fatigue. I feel it gives my clients hope as they can see how much I have improved. Practising doesn’t feel like work to me. I love seeing my clients’ progression. I think people need to be more aware of the power of nutrition. Nutrition is for everybody, it truly helps when it is used correctly.

Rebecca practices near Chorley in Lancashire, and can be contacted via

“The course has changed my life”

Richard Bright, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

The traumatic loss of my father from a heart attack when I was 15 years old affected me for many years.

I was frustrated that at no point during my father’s ill health had doctors sat down with him to explain what else he could do other than be dosed with drugs. This is what inspired and contributed to my need to help promote wellbeing in other people.

Before CNM I was an engineer and a lighting designer and the MD of my own company. My interest and passion for food and good health was not being fulfilled within this stressful corporate environment, and I wanted to improve my own health and the health of my family.

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I loved the scope of learning at CNM, it was comprehensive and covered all types of illnesses. It’s so important to be able to understand  21st century diseases and ailments, and how much we can turn around through diet and lifestyle.

The course has changed my life.  My own physical health has improved.  I’m much more motivated and confident, and I’ve lost two stones in weight.  Since graduating I’ve been practising in London and Derbyshire. I have a range of clients who suffer anything from severe autoimmune problems to wanting to lose weight. It’s a full spectrum and no two people are the same.  Good nutrition can make a massive difference to their health. I love that I am able to help them and see some improvements so quickly.

Richard can be contacted at email:

“I combine personal training with nutrition.”

Keris Marsden, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I am a Personal Trainer working in the fitness industry. One of the reasons I first got into exercise was because I faced a constant battle to maintain my weight. I tried every diet going; wasting hours counting calories and avoiding fat, being guided by food industry marketing. Whilst exercise certainly helped my weight issue, it wasn’t the key to resolving my health issues. I had bad skin and was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a common hormonal disorder.

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The medication left me with dreadful digestive issues and I was soon diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). I was concerned that the medication was only treating the symptoms and not actually addressing the underlying cause of my conditions.

As part of my fitness training I gained a qualification in Public Health Nutrition, but it was not until I attended a further short nutrition course in Sweden, that my eyes were opened to the value of alternative and functional medicine. I researched full UK courses available and went on to study Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine) because I liked the emphasis on Naturopathy, or ‘Nature Cure’.

Studying Naturopathic Nutrition has provided me with a clearer understanding of how nutrition impacts upon our hormonal balance. I soon realised that many of the foods I considered healthy were actually further complicating my health issues. After making changes to my own diet, the difference was incredible. My transformation has gone from strength to strength; my PCOS has disappeared, maintaining a healthy weight is effortless and I often receive compliments about my complexion. A big change for me also involved realising that nutrition has a bigger impact on my body composition than exercise. I still love to train but now I only need a couple of sessions in the gym each week leaving me with lots more time to geek away with my nutrition books.

You can visit Keris’ website at

“CNM study helped me recover after cancer”

Nicky, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

What I loved most about CNM’s course was having access to Lecturers who have an armoury of knowledge, and who are so passionate about their subjects that they live and breathe them. My CNM journey has been one of inspiration, self-discovery and personal growth.

My life was turned upside down when my own health had crashed and burned. Until then, I had had zero knowledge about or interest in food. Food was just fuel. Following diagnosis of Bladder Cancer, and amidst subsequent treatment, I came to the realisation that I had to start taking responsibility for my health.

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I had received my cancer diagnosis having spent 25 years meeting the fast-paced demands and stress of working as a freelancer costumier and within event production. I disliked cooking, and with little time, preferred ready meals and sugary snacks. Sugar kept me going and was my best friend. Together with my chronically stressful lifestyle, I had created the perfect storm.

I attended a CNM weekend course in Nutrition for Everyday Living and was really excited by it. I decided to enrol on the full Nutritional Therapy Diploma to learn how to help my recovery and future health. The part time learning and the course fees were attractive, and the course content was fascinating.

Six months into CNM’s course when I was studying biomedicine, I had a very bad reaction to my final cancer treatment. I was in agony, taking lots of pain killers and scarcely able to crawl out of the house. I knew that I couldn’t give up on my studies; they gave me focus and kept me going, and I was learning so much about the body, including about the way that cancer works; all the dietary and lifestyle habits that can make its occurrence more likely, and the overarching importance of good nutrition when it comes to helping recovery. I also turned to yoga and mindfulness and learned to listen to my body. It was an emotional moment, 2 years later, when sitting in the refectory after one of our student clinics, I suddenly realised that I was not in pain. It took another six months for me to be able to walk easily, but I had turned a corner and no longer used pain killers.

After graduating in Naturopathic Nutrition in December 2017 I hit the ground running. I practised as a Nutritional Therapist at a retreat in Thailand for three months. I have since moved to a cottage in Wiltshire where I help private clients, and I work in London at clinics teaching groups of pre-diabetic people how they can prevent the onset of diabetes through nutrition and lifestyle. I offer Nutrition and Yoga workshops, and I am developing my niche in the creative industries, delivering educational talks on wellbeing so supporting stressed out individuals, helping them to prevent burn-out as I have experienced . I’m inspiring and motivating creative professionals to share their gifts to the world but from a place of self-care and knowledge. I call it ‘the art of not falling apart’. I’m building my business to offer wellness retreats, first in the UK, and then abroad, to harness the power of sunshine and encompass the adventure of travelling. The power of good nutrition and our body’s ability to heal is incredible and people deserve to know it.

Nicky can be contacted at

“Studying at CNM was the best investment I could have made and I recommend it”

Lenka Govender, Nutritional Therapist

I loved studying at CNM as it showed me the most natural yet powerful way to health – our diet.

As a former nurse I was looking to build on my knowledge and learn how to prevent western diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. I refused to believe that genes are our destiny and that there is little we can do to stay healthy.

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Studying at CNM is a turning point in life as it opens your eyes to the impact of our choices, and the world is never the same again. After every lecture I went home buzzing with new information and the urge to research further. I used my new-found knowledge to help myself, my family and friends. When I graduated I set up my own practice where I help people overcome addictions to refined foods. My clients may have weight issues, cravings, lack of energy and low self-esteem. I love showing them simple steps they can take to revamp their body and their health.

Lenka can be contacted at

“The high standard of training from CNM, along with support from fantastic lecturers and staff, gave me the confidence to start my own business as soon as I had completed the course!”

Aisling Kelly, CNM Graduate in Nutrition.

I have always had an interest in food and how it can affect our bodies.

From a young age, I would notice how certain foods would affect my skin and my mood, help me to perform better when exercising or irritate my digestive system. I had attended various health seminars and festivals where I always spotted the CNM stand and would chat to them about their courses.

After working as a Montessori teacher for many years I finally decided to be brave and take the plunge into the world of Nutrition. The CNM course was ideal for me as I was able to continue working while attending college locally at the weekends.

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I was impressed with the level of academic learning gained from the Biomedicine year, which gave us the scientific background to understanding metabolic processes within the body, before delving into how food can support or hinder these processes. The clinical hours included in the diploma course really benefitted my confidence to practice as a Nutritional Therapist as soon as we finished the course, as we gained practical experience as well as theoretical knowledge over the three years.

The high standard of training from CNM, along with support from fantastic lecturers and staff, gave me the confidence to start my own business as soon as I had completed the course! The lecturers with CNM were always very knowledgeable and experts in their field. The Director of Studies was always very supportive and encouraging with our studies and exams.

I am now seeing clients in my own practice in Cork and the best thing is I can choose my own hours to work around my family life. I am looking forward to numerous other opportunities such as nutrition talks and workshops, articles for local newspapers and health magazines, even the possibility of a cookbook!

“I’m the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been”

Adam Lucas, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Acupuncture.

After years of cripplingly severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and lots of medication with adverse side effects, I decided to take ownership of my health.

Studying Naturopathy and Acupuncture changed my life because it gave me the tools to manage my own health. I’m now the strongest and healthiest I’ve ever been.

When I qualified it was thrilling to come straight out of college with the knowledge to start making a tangible difference to other people’s lives from day one. Two weeks after graduating three colleagues from my course and I set up our own Acupuncture clinic.

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The clinic has grown week on week and we have already expanded into a new location so that we can accommodate more of the requests that we receive. I love coming to clinic to work in conjunction with colleagues that I know well and trust. I have found a new sense of challenge and joy in my work. Each client is unique. I apply what I have learnt to benefit real people, supporting them to make positive changes in their health. I love the deep sense of satisfaction and gratitude this gives me, especially when they tell you how much of a difference the treatment has made.

Studying was mind expanding, stimulating and enriching and I am so grateful to my teachers for passing their knowledge on to me. I really loved the people I met at CNM, brimming with talent, knowledge and dedication. What is unique about studying Acupuncture at CNM is that the course is coupled with Naturopathy. Over 4 years part time I studied Biomedicine, Chinese Medicine theory, applied Acupuncture techniques, ancillary techniques and Naturopathic Principles. No other college offers this mix of study and I am proud to call myself a Naturopathic Acupuncturist. Undertaking this breadth of study has enabled me to offer a wide range of services to my clients.

Adam can be contacted at

The story of how Adam returned to health is featured in the August 2018 edition of WDDTY Magazine. You can read the feature here.

“Even though I had general knowledge in human biology, the in-depth analysis was invigorating.”

Anita Foote, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition and Nurse.

I have always had an interest in nutrition, but like many felt that there was so much information out there about what one should eat, that it become at times both contradicting and confusing. I wanted to learn for myself what nutrition meant for me, backed with science and relevant research while also based on a holistic approach.

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After much research into what education was available and most importantly what I could manage within an already busy working week as a full-time fertility nurse I decided on CNM. One important point that made a difference was the advantage of not needing to complete the first year Biomedicine due to my degree qualification as a registered Nurse which already would have covered anatomy, pathology and physiology which meant instead of three years, I would only need to complete the two. I was initially worried that I might find the study difficult still as my nursing degree was over ten years ago, but I found that my previous study and general nursing practise knowledge and experience helped significantly, though anything I was not sure about was easy enough to revise and keep up with the rest of the group.

As I started into studying I found that my previous experience in tertiary study made it easier for me to understand the Harvard referencing system needed, the structure and what was expected for assignments. I found all the comprehensive lectures backed with recent research and science. Even though I had general knowledge in human biology, the in-depth analysis was invigorating, encouraging one to learn more, and as any medical professional knows the learning never stops! The holistic approach was why I chose to study Naturopathic Nutrition which was important to me personally as I appreciated how important it is to look at the whole person as an individual and not just a part of them.

The practical clinics which involved working with a client helped to use the theory from the lectures to develop my skills in clinical practise to become a competent Nutritional Therapist. As a Nurse I was comfortable working with patients, asking questions about sometimes sensitive subjects, and making them feel at ease.

As time progressed through the two years, I found I started to use the knowledge I was learning in both my own life, my families and friends, and in my working environment. Working in a fertility clinic, nutrition is an important and sometimes overlooked factor that is essential in both male’s and female’s ability to conceive. I am inspired by my studies in CNM to share the knowledge I have learned with others. I am currently looking at incorporating nutrition into my fertility nurse practice in a more comprehensive role which will be so important for our patients to maintain a holistic approach in their journey to pregnancy. I would recommend and encourage medical professionals to think about incorporating nutrition study into their ongoing education which will only enhance one’s practice.

CNM Graduate on TV

Afshan Abidi, CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I loved everything about CNM’s Course: the in-depth teaching, the amazing lecturers who shared their experiences with us, and the support we got from our clinic supervisors. It was all perfect.

I currently have my own Television show on DM Global. It’s a Manchester based British-Asian TV network broadcast on SKY Platform channel number 799.

My show is called Eat Rite for Life, and it’s broadcast in a mix of Urdu and English on Mondays from 2pm-3pm.

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I have direct personal experience of how a poor diet can have a significant negative impact on your life. For many years I suffered in silence with low energy levels and fatigue. I tried conventional treatments from my GP and consultant with very limited success. It was a long time before it was discovered that I suffered from an autoimmune disorder called  Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. In searching for answers to get back to health, I tried homeopathy. I found that it worked for a while and then I felt my symptoms return.  It was not until later that I learnt that Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis has strong associations with diet, and I could understand that my high sugar and high gluten based diet was holding back improvements to my health.  I knew I needed to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to manage my symptoms, so I decided to increase my knowledge in the field of nutrition.

CNM offered a course with a holistic content under the heading of Naturopathic Nutrition, and the part time weekend classes fitted with my busy schedule.  I loved everything about the course: the in-depth teaching, the amazing lecturers who shared their experiences with us, and the support we got from our clinic supervisors. It was all perfect.

The course gave me a new life and I’m proud to be a CNM Graduate and a practising Nutritional Therapist.  I currently have my own Television show on DM Global.  It’s a Manchester based British-Asian TV network broadcast on SKY Platform channel number 799.  My show is called Eat Rite for Life, and it’s broadcast in a mix of Urdu and English on Mondays from 2pm-3pm.

My experience of ill health left me passionate about Nutrition and showing people how they can, if they wish, take action to improve their health.

CNM taught me to seek knowledge and to spread it, and that’s exactly what I’m doing  because I know first hand how Nutrition changes lives.

Afshan can be contacted via

“I love CNM’s approach to treating the body as a whole as opposed to treating a condition.”

Paula McMeel, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition, Midwife and Nurse.

The reason I decided to study at CNM was both a personal and professional one. Personally I had suffered with acne for years, having no idea about the underlying causes I tried every lotion and potion and numerous antibiotics under the sun to try to help myself, to no avail. As my GP wanted me to take the contraceptive pill and another antibiotic I wanted to tear my hair out. This led me to research natural remedies and ways to treat my skin.

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I’ve always been passionate about nutrition so when I came across the
Nutritional Therapy course at CNM I attended an open day in Dublin. I signed up at the open day as I was amazed at the comprehensive content and the holistic approach to health.

As my background is in women’s health and midwifery, I have seen women struggling to get pregnant due to being overweight, hormonal conditions such as PCOS, thyroid conditions and endometriosis. Also women with ill-health have increased risk of potentially life threatening conditions for both mum and baby such as gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia. Postnatally the body needs meals to rebuild energy, replenish lost nutrients, and help to produce breast milk.

This was another reason for studying nutrition, I wanted to give women the knowledge to have better health without resorting to medication and crash diets.
I wanted an accredited qualification that would allow me to practise as a recognised practitioner, yet which also had a holistic approach.

With CNM I especially liked that it is a part time course, so I was also able to study part time and so could keep learning in the meantime. It was daunting deciding not to start my studies with CNM’s biomedicine course as I thought I would be lagging behind, but the nutrition course included all the body systems recapping on my previous knowledge from my degree in midwifery. I really enjoyed researching how different foods can help with different conditions. I love CNM’s approach to treating the body as a whole as opposed to treating a condition.

I was also drawn to the 200 clinical hours as part of the course. I was able to expand on my experience of one to one client contact from my midwifery clinics. By attending CNM, it gave me the confidence and know how to set up my own practice. As the course is science based and therapeutic, I loved researching for the assignments such as for the condition PCOS, which I had been diagnosed with following my research. Without understanding the underlying causes of my acne (PCOS), I would probably still be depressed about the state of my skin and hormones.

The course has been a huge benefit to my own health, with helping to balance my hormones, reduce tiredness after working nightshifts and better skin. It’s completely changed the way I think about health.

Doing the course I feel empowered to look after my own health and the health of others. I am especially interested in empowering women to be the best version of themselves so I am focusing on nutrition for women’s health, fertility, pregnancy and post-partum. After completing the course I am now setting up my own business and will practise as a Naturopathic Nutritional

“I was blown away with the course content and how in-depth the body structures are reviewed.”

Ciara Harrington, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I decided to begin studying nutrition after I had returned home from Australia. I’ve always had an interest in health but the lifestyle in Australia really encouraged this. I’m a registered mental health nurse and have always believed in holistic care, incorporating mind, body and spirit. In my own work I have always educated people about the importance of healthy eating and mindfulness on their journey to recovery.

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I returned home to Ireland and continued my work as a registered nurse but began searching for more. I came across CNM online. I read about the course online and what made it stand out from the other nutrition courses was that it was a campus and not just online. Not knowing what to expect I attended an open evening. Listening to the speaker that night and her passion about food and health I knew that this would be the course for me.

As I mentioned I really didn’t know what this course would entail. I began my first year which was biomedicine. I was blown away with the course content and how in-depth the body structures are reviewed. Not only did it really add to my own knowledge as a nurse but it really gave me greater insight into the body as a whole – how a disease is not just a set of symptoms to one particular organ but rather it can be linked to a number of different body systems.

After the year of biomedicine I began my first and second year clinics. We observed clinics in year one, and in year two began taking clients of our own. When I began the course I thought I would just be learning about food and that I might in the future educate people about its importance. I was really impressed with how academic and professional the student clinics were. The clinics are practitioner led and the students are trained to become professionals.

In my own discipline of nursing I work with people daily and know just how vulnerable a person can be about their health. CNM students are trained to understand this and work in a professional manner providing the best service possible. I was amazed at the guidance we were provided with on how to actively listen to a person when carrying out our assessments.
Putting all the knowledge we had learned over the three years into our clinic days was my favourite part as it really all started to make sense.

Going forward for the future the course has really inspired me to want to help people even more. My own personal life situation has changed my interest in Nutritional Therapy. While completing the course I became a mother. The course gave me a greater knowledge into how I could have a healthy pregnancy and optimal recovery. For this reason my goal for the future will be to work with women through prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care.

CNM has given me so many new skills for the future. I will really miss my class and all the amazing people I met along the way.

Comprehensive course that balances theory with clinical practice

Caroline, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Studying at CNM was a fantastic experience. It’s a very comprehensive course that balances theory with clinical practise, and gave me the skill set and confidence to be a competent practitioner. The lecturers were great and shared their experiences with us to promote our understanding of the bigger picture.  I loved studying with likeminded people; there was a variety of professions in the class ranging from nurses to personal trainers, and we all learned a lot from one another.

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My own background was in customer services because I enjoyed helping people, but as I’d always had an interest in health and nutrition I moved on to working in a health food store and loved it. I then decided to study Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy at CNM so I could gain the skills and knowledge to help people in a meaningful way – helping themselves to live healthier lives.  Since graduating from CNM I’ve become the assistant manager at the health food store where I work, and I’ll also be seeing clients on a one to one basis in my practice.

CNM’s course led to my dream career

Sarah, Graduate in Herbal Medicine

As a teenager I suffered horribly with acne and poor skin. Having no idea about the underlying causes I tried every lotion and potion under the sun to try to help myself, to no avail.

Without knowing where to turn for help, I visited my GP who then put me on the contraceptive pill in an attempt to balance my hormones. I’m certain that this was a turning point for many of the subsequent health issues that were soon to follow.

I quickly began to have mood swings and felt depressed and low. Along with these new symptoms I was suffering from endless bouts of thrush, having problems with my periods and was also diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. In the meantime, my skin problems had only exacerbated and I was suffering with anxiety and panic attacks to add to the bargain. All in all it was a pretty miserable state of affairs for a young teenage to find herself in.

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One Saturday afternoon I was browsing through a local bookshop when I stumbled across a book called  ‘Absolute Beauty’ believing it to be about homemade skin care products I bought it and decided to give it a try.

This proved to be a significant turning point in my life.

Upon browsing the content, I was surprised and enthralled to discover the book was based around the ancient science of Ayurveda; something that was almost unheard of in the UK in the 90’s.

From that point on there was no looking back. I decided that I needed to know everything I could about this subject, but in the days before the internet I had no idea where to begin. Again fate stepped in when I was introduced to a naturopath by a friend of mine who had also been struggling with hormonal issues.

I was totally bowled over by this wonderful naturopath and at the same time fascinated to discover that it was actually possible to work with plants, herbs and nutrition to heal all kinds of ailments naturally, and without modern drugs. At first I was sceptical, but as soon as I embarked on a programme with her, all my doubts were swept aside. From that moment on I decided to find a way to get to the root cause of my health issues and learn everything I could about natural medicine.

I decided to attend an Open Day at CNM Manchester to find out about studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.  It was this one single event that led to me to where I am today. What amazed me was how comprehensive the course was. Not only did I get to learn about modern western herbalism, but the course also looked at other traditional systems such as TCM and my beloved Ayurveda. I literally couldn’t believe that it was possible to study everything I loved.

I signed up there and then.

On the day of the event, I was privileged to speak personally with Hermann Keppler (founder of the College) who told me in quite a matter of fact manner, that this course would literally change my life. At the time I thought these were bold words, but thank goodness I listened to what he had to say as without having taken that course, both my health and my life situation might have been very different indeed. Not only did I have the exciting possibility of studying all the things I loved, I had finally opened up a way to empowerment and discovered that it was possible to help myself. I didn’t have to be resigned to a life of misery.

Not only has the CNM course led to me having my dream career and the fulfilment of spending every day doing something that I love; the knowledge I’ve learned has on more than one occasion been a lifesaver, for myself, and in the fact that I have also been able to help those close to me.

What I loved most about the CNM course was the sheer diversity. The college gave me access to people whose books I had read, and whom had inspired me greatly. I was supremely fortunate to meet people like Anne McIntyre, Peter Jackson Main and Patrick Holford. Each month I would rush to college with eager anticipation about what I would learn that day! It was amazing to meet and learn from the people who were at the forefront of knowledge in their field.

CNM has such a great community, and despite the fact I qualified nearly ten years ago I still feel just as involved and supported today.

With the explosion of information around the topic of natural health, I truly believe there has never been a better time to train in this traditional, yet utterly modern discipline. I simply can’t imagine living a life without herbs or the knowledge I gained from taking this course.

Today I run a busy clinic in Cornwall and am fortunate to be able to help people from all walks of life. I specialise in using western herbal medicine and Ayurveda to support people with a wide range of health issues.

I work closely with people who have experienced life changing traumatic events, as I have personal experience in the area, and offer in person and online skype appointments to support people with a range of anxiety issues.

Sarah can be contacted via:

CNM change the course of my life

Tara, Graduate in Acupuncture & Naturopathy

Having spent many years working in the field of Sales, Marketing and Product development within the Tourism Industry, I always had a strong focus on the Asian and African markets; these were the areas of the world I loved to explore, to integrate myself into understanding these fascinating cultures.

Several years ago, at a crossroads in my life, I knew the time had come for a new direction. I wanted to do something that would reignite my passion, realign my soul whilst at the same time helping others in some way. So, I took the plunge and returned to college, to spend the next 4-years retraining in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Naturopathy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I can quite honestly say it changed the course of my life, setting me on a new, inspiring path that continuously blows my mind even today.

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What I loved about my learning experience:

Learning from such inspiring lecturers, all unique in their own methods and experiences. It was like plunging head first into unchartered waters and discovering a whole new world existed beneath. The combination of acupuncture and naturopathy is incredibly complementary, and the detox protocols and nutritional/herbal studies at CNM provided me with the skills to support the whole person from the inside out both physically and mentally. The skills I learnt are in great demand today by many, and keep me very busy indeed.

My CNM qualification opened so many doors

Kezra, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

As a Nutritional Therapist I find it rewarding to make a difference to peoples’ lives every day. I love being able to schedule appointments around my family life and earn enough by working part time.

Taking the plunge to study at CNM has been one of the greatest and most valuable achievements that I have accomplished so far.

I worked in the care sector for many years both in nursing homes and within the community. I wanted an accredited qualification that would allow me to practice as a recognised practitioner, yet which also had a holistic approach. I enrolled at CNM where I truly loved the content and felt inspired by the lectures.

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I especially loved the balance between the clinical scientific content and the holistic/naturopathic/functional approach, this has made me an ever-curious practitioner committed to lifelong learning. I also loved the large number of clinic hours, which made the transition into practice a smooth and less daunting one.

My qualification opened doors and I’m excited about where my career will take me. I’m currently working for myself from two London clinics where I see a large variety of health conditions. I have a particular interest in women’s health and hormone disorders such as PCOS and Endometriosis, as these are matters very close to my heart.

I am also using my nutrition knowledge as a Director of The Nude Spoon, a company which I co-founded to make healthy, organic, dairy free ice cream for the retail and catering market.

Personally, the course has taken my health to the next level. Professionally it has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to be a confident and successful practitioner, and enabled me to follow my dream of building a career doing something I am truly passionate about. I feel very honoured to be making such a positive contribution to healthcare.

Kezra can be contacted at

I knew CNM was the right place for me

Marina, Graduate in Herbal Medicine & Naturopathy

To find a college that taught Herbal Medicine alongside Naturopathy made the course very well rounded. There are so many aspects of natural medicine that complement and strengthen one another and studying Naturopathy gave me a great overall understanding of these and many additional clinical tools I could use as well as Herbal Medicine.

The supervised clinic hours with clients was an invaluable part of my training. This gave me the confidence and knowhow to set up my own practice soon after qualifying. The Ayurvedic aspect of the course inspired me to go on to study more Ayurveda in India and get experience working there at a Naturopathic Hospital.

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The thing I love most about being a Herbalist and Naturopath is helping empower people to make positive changes to their health and wellbeing. Balance is key for me. I love that this work is a combination of clinical practice, teaching courses and also growing and making remedies from my own plants. Sharing my knowledge of herbs and nutrition to help people better connect with themselves is so rewarding. Clients love being able to come to the farm and see the herbs that are part of their healing.

Learning to relax properly may be the one simple thing I would have seen making a big impact on my clients health. Unfortunately many people do not give themselves the time to fully relax! Our bodies need resting time to heal or unwind from a busy day. Reducing stress through relaxation can have a profound effect on many health conditions. Finding a way to work this into an individual’s lifestyle can be as important as the nutritional advice and herbal support they receive.

Embarking on studying Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine is a very exciting thing. You learn so much about yourself over the years and many students truly transform their lives in the process of their study. I found that part time study requires lots of commitment and motivation to work alone but if you love the subject this will all come easily. The tutors are a wealth of knowledge and an inspiration to anyone wishing to pursue a career in natural health. Take advantage of this while you can, be curious, ask questions and remain open to taking it all in. Being as proactive as you can in your final year of study and clinics will stand to you when you graduate.

I enjoy helping people achieve their goals

Viktória Borsi-Grainger, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

When I moved to London in my late twenties I started to get allergies. I didn’t want to become dependent on medication so I instinctively tried to find the root cause of my symptoms.

I read a lot about how certain foods can trigger allergies and started experimenting on myself. When I got results in only a couple of days, I got hooked by the topic and decided to study Nutrition.  Coming from a medical family, I always thought it must be rewarding to help people regain their health.

I was attracted by the multicultural education available at CNM and the fact that my CNM Diploma would be widely accredited as I intend to use it across different countries. Meeting like-minded lecturers and students was great. Practicing at the student clinic helped me ease into my new profession.

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Studying Nutrition changed my whole life, my food choices and the way I think about health.  When I qualified in 2016 I left my full time job in advertising and started to build my own practice. I mainly focus on women’s health, digestive health and sports nutrition. I really enjoy researching topics and writing articles about them.

This interest made it possible for me to participate in a blog competition and win an internship at a fantastic retreat in Malta. I love the flexibility of my job and that I can choose my own working hours. Most of all, I really enjoy meeting different people and helping them achieve their goals.

Viktória can be contacted at

I feel more empowered than ever

Jennifer-edJennifer Stenfelt, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Following periods of high stress and several antibiotic-treated infections, I developed symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

When my GP told me at the age of 24 that I might need over-the-counter medication for life to manage my IBS symptoms, I instinctually felt there must be another way. This led me to research natural remedies and ways to support my digestive health from within, which is also where I stumbled across the training offered by CNM.

With a growing interest in supporting myself and my family’s health through nutrition, I decided to change career path.  Although I had a degree in International and Political Studies, I decided to retrain so that I could work doing something I loved while fitting work around those that mattered the most.

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What attracted me to CNM was its emphasis on clinical practice. Without the skills I learnt in clinic and under the supervision and input of highly skilled and experienced teachers, I don’t think I would have gone on to practice so successfully. Since nutritional science is ever evolving, they emphasised the importance of continuous critical learning and self-reflection.  The support I’ve had beyond graduating in 2015 has also been great and the group support that we students created in class has continued as we’ve gone into practice.

As the mother of three young children, I practice part-time in a local complementary health clinic, seeing clients for a wide range of health issues but with a particular interest in digestive health and healthy weight management.  I love that I’m supporting people to take charge of their own health.

Doing the course changed my life personally, going from feeling frustrated with my health in my mid 20’s to feeling stronger and more empowered than ever in my early 30’s. It’s allowed me to have a career that I can fit around raising my children, focused on creating a true work-life-family balance.

Jennifer can be contacted at

I’ve always been passionate about Nutrition

Karla-Bohan2Karla Behan, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I’ve always been passionate about nutrition. Having moved from Mexico to Ireland over 10 years ago drastically changed my diet, lifestyle and waistline.

My health and energy levels were affected as a result so when I came across CNM’s courses, I knew straight away that I wanted to learn about this topic. I completed the Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and that was just the start of this amazing journey.

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In Mexico, we strongly believe and use natural therapies so I found the content of the course amazing! I’ve lectured and supervised student clinics at the college and have also completed a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Diploma in Integral Obesity Management and a Certificate in Sports Nutrition. At the moment, whilst taking a career break to look after my children I’ve created Oh! So Nutritious. This is a blog where I share my knowledge to encourage other people to make better food choices, make physical activity a part of their lifestyle, and love their bodies with the view to achieve balance, happiness & wellness.

Karla can be contacted via her website.

CNM turned me into a practitioner

Claire, Graduate in Acupuncture

I didn’t want to have just academic knowledge, I wanted a course that would teach me to be a practitioner.

Faced with fertility issues, I had Acupuncture to increase my chances of a successful pregnancy. I still remember the moment on the Acupuncturist’s couch when I thought ‘I’d quite like to retrain as an Acupuncturist’. I fell pregnant, and my Acupuncture studies were put on hold for 8 years until my second child went to school.

My main consideration in choosing somewhere to study was that they had to be accredited with the British Acupuncture Accreditation Board. CNM stood out as it allowed for part time learning. It also required 400 clinical hours to graduate.

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When I enrolled on CNM’s Diploma Course in Naturopathic Acupuncture I was unaware of the significance of the unique training which combined becoming a Naturopath with becoming an Acupuncturist. I quickly realised, however, how much attending the mixed classes with other modalities broadened my knowledge, making me aware of how a multi-modality approach can help people more extensively. I feel I am a better and more effective practitioner for it, supporting my clients with additional skill sets and dietary and lifestyle advice to back up the Acupuncture.

CNM succeeded in turning me into a practitioner, and it also gave me a thirst for knowledge, to go on learning and developing.

Since qualifying I have started up my own practice and I love the flexibility it gives me to work around my family. I do a lot of work with pain management for various conditions. I volunteer one morning a week in a hospice, where ‘difficult pain’ patients are referred to me.

The special moments come in my clients’ faces when their pain goes away ten seconds after I have placed the Acupuncture needles in the right locations, or when I review progress with a client and they realise just how much they’ve improved since their initial visit. I also love being able to help my family and friends, who can now experience the benefits of Acupuncture for themselves and see what a worthwhile career it offers.

Claire practices in Essex and can be contacted at

Life as a Nutritional Therapist

Fiona, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I worked for years in the IT industry, whilst also qualifying in other natural therapies. The more I learnt about natural health, the more I wanted to become a Nutritionist, as it was clear that our dietary choices have a huge impact on health.

I chose to study Nutritional Therapy at CNM because I was keen on the naturopathic, holistic focus of the course. I was also able to study part time and so could keep earning in the meantime.
My inspirational lecturers and hundreds of hours of clinical practice meant that I graduated in 2008 and went on to become a successful Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, or ‘Nutritionist’.

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It’s a job I love, and a fantastic feeling to know that I personally have been able to change people’s lives for the better. The concept of food as medicine was familiar to our ancestors, yet today many people are surprised to discover that changes made to their everyday diet can result in significant improvements to their health and wellbeing.

It’s immensely rewarding to get feedback from clients who come to me with conditions including hormonal imbalances, weight issues, digestive problems, stress, joint problems and inflammatory conditions and who afterwards report that they’ve never felt as healthy, or as energetic.

My role as a Nutritionist is to empower my clients to make dietary and lifestyle changes which help them achieve the very best health they can. Every client has a unique constitution and a different set of circumstances, so the content of my day is never routine.

Clients complete a medical symptoms questionnaire and a food diary prior to our consultation. They needn’t be shy. If everyone was perfect no-one would need help!

The initial consultation lasts about an hour and is a chance to gain a detailed picture of the person’s medical history, circumstances, diet and lifestyle, and their health goals. I have to know about the functioning of their digestive, cardiovascular and respiratory systems, about any supplements or medications they are taking, and to take account of test results on blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and food sensitivity, etc.

I produce a full personalised naturopathic plan for my client, including specific nutritional and lifestyle changes to address both his or her current problems and prospects for longer term health. The plan needs to be simple and at a pace which is realistic for them to follow. Half hour follow up consultations are offered as required.

Not everyone waits until they are ill before they come to see me, fortunately. Sports people consult me about optimum nutrition to meet their energy needs. Others want a twice yearly detox programme. Some want advice about what constitutes a healthy diet. I love food and I’m always keen to share a good recipe!

In addition to my clinical work, I also work with natural food companies to produce videos and publicity material explaining the health benefits of their products.

My media work also keeps me busy. I’m a regular guest speaker on nutritional matters for Sky News and Made in Bristol TV. I’ve also featured frequently on the radio, and in national and international newspapers and magazines. Excitingly, I’m also a guest speaker for Bristol University’s undergraduate medical programme, presenting case studies showing how nutrition has helped my clients. There is definitely a role for properly trained nutritional therapists in today’s health-challenged society. I can’t think of a career I’d rather have.

CNM has changed my lifestyle choices

Audrey, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I’ve always been passionate about the healing the body naturally.After spending 8 years working as a complimentary therapist, I decided to take the next step and study nutrition at CNM. I knew after completing the first lecture that this was what I wanted to do.

I was diagnosed with PCOS at age 25. I had my first son naturally by using herbs and receiving acupuncture treatment. During the CNM course I changed my diet and lifestyle. I went on to have two more boys while studying the nutrition course!

CNM has completely changed my lifestyle choices. I love CNM’s approach to treating the body as a whole as opposed to treating a condition.
After completing the course I am now setting up my own business and will practice as a naturopathic nutritionist.

I wanted to help people with food as medicine

Jorien, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I started the course in naturopathic nutrition with CNM because I have always had a huge passion for food, but always felt there was more to it than the taste, I wanted to be able to help people with what food can do for you.

During the course, I not only gained enough knowledge to become a practitioner as I am now, but I also learned how to improve my own diet and lifestyle. I lost a lot of excess weight, started exercising and my skin got a lot healthier. But most importantly, I improved my mood. I am now happy and healthy and love the life I was able to create with my new career.

CNM graduate and Naturopathic Nutritionist at Dynamic Nutrition

I am so happy that I decided to pursue my studies in Nutrition

Caroline, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I chose to embark on a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM out of a keen interest in using the right nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle and I was curious to learn more.

Over the three years, along with making some great friends, the convenient weekend lectures exposed me to a wide range of fascinating content, hands-on clinical experience and an invaluable support network from the lecturers and staff at CNM. Many exciting new doors have opened for me since graduating from CNM and I am currently studying for my MSc in Personalised Nutrition at CNELM in the UK. I am so happy that I decided to pursue my studies in Nutrition and I am so thankful to CNM for making it happen.

CNM found a study plan that would work for me

Joanne, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I had struggled with hormone, skin and blood sugar issues since being a teenager, although I had no idea that these could be related to diet and nutrition.

Later when trying to start a family, I picked up a few books which explained the connections between diet and fertility. That was when the penny dropped. After changing my diet and having a course of acupuncture, I fell pregnant with my second child.

I looked into the opportunity to study Nutrition further. As I wanted a career afterwards, it was important to me that CNM’s course was accredited. My son was just three months old when I started the course, but CNM was happy to find a study plan that would work for me.

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I loved returning to study. It gave me the opportunity to step out of family life and to enjoy spending time with people with people of different ages, situations and backgrounds, all so passionate about nutrition and natural therapies. CNM lecturers were very knowledgeable and were able to pass on their considerable clinical experience. For me, the most enjoyable part of the course was the clinical practice, learning how to take a set of symptoms and then to understand the triggers to these and really work on the underlying causes, for some great results.

I practiced as a Nutritional Therapist after graduating in 2009, I still practice, although I now spend most of my time running my busy shop and clinic, which I bought in 2012. At Amaranth, in Stockport, we have a wide range of products and therapies on offer. We have three registered nutritional therapists at the clinic (two of whom graduated from CNM and one lecturer from CNM) in addition to holistic therapists, acupuncturists, and a homeopath, and we help promote health and nutrition to the wider community. The store has recently won a number of awards of which we are very proud, including the Best Independent Retailer (UK) 2015 at the Natural and Organic awards and The Best Local shop 2016.

As the shop and clinic owner and a practising nutritional therapist, I have the perfect opportunity to combine my previous career in retail consultancy with my passion for nutrition and health. If you are considering a career in natural health, I would say ‘go for it’. It is definitely one of the most rewarding careers you can have.

I fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM

Gry, Graduate in Acupuncture

I taught music and Danish for more than 10 years, which I enjoyed, but my voice couldn’t cope with the strain.

So when my family and I moved to London, I knew I had to find a new career. Way back I had had some great experiences with Acupuncture on my travels to Asia, China in particular, so I when I saw CNM’s Acupuncture Course I attended an open day. I simply fell in love with the positive atmosphere at CNM and their focus on using natural means to keep healthy and happy.

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I have always loved nature and what is natural, so to me Naturopathy seemed like a great partner to Acupuncture. By using my knowledge to advise people on a natural lifestyle and diet, as well as give them Acupuncture, I have since experienced that to be true.

Once I started the course I was hooked. Engaging and passionate teachers and fantastic fellow students have given me some of the best – at times also challenging – times of my life.

I studied while my children were little and I am glad that I managed to make it work due to the flexible study hours. After graduating, I immediately started working hours to suit my current commitments. With young children and a husband who travels the world, it still works. It’s beautiful and really rewarding to share with people what Acupuncture and Naturopathy can do. It makes me happy and humble every day. Sometimes the long and winding path takes you to the most interesting places!

I learned so much!

Denise, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I began my journey to better health in 2011 following the diagnosis of my then 7 year old with Type 1 diabetes.

Hoping to combat some of the IBS symptoms I myself was suffering due to stress and anxiety, combined with my desire to ensure my family had the best nutrition we could for the sake of my son’s condition, I embarked on a journey to better nutrition.

I was conscious of the growing number of people giving unsolicited advice on the internet. I realised that in an age of growing digital presence, social media was becoming more and more powerful. With such differing messages who could know what information was correct or not? I decided I wanted to return to education and retrain in nutrition so I could educate people correctly and armed with the current and relevant information.

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A friend, recognising my passion for nutrition, sent me a link to CNM one day and I just knew I had to go for it! It was everything I wanted in a course – science based, contemporary, holistic and above all, had great course content. Studying with CNM was the best thing I have ever done. I learned so much, met lifelong friends and gained invaluable clinical experience. I would recommend CNM to anyone who wishes to follow their interest in Nutrition and follow their dream of providing people with the gift of good nutrition.

I discovered the power a change in diet could exert over body and mind and became passionate about spreading my new found knowledge with others. I began blogging about my change in diet towards a grain, dairy and sugar free diet: my blog ‘Irish Paleo Girl’ was born! My son’s condition is very stable and our family as a whole is healthier overall.

CNM gave me the knowledge and credentials

Deirdre Kearney, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Having been told that I may have difficulty conceiving due to endometriosis and polycystic ovaries and was fortunate to have 5 healthy kids naturally, I began to attribute this to a healthy diet and exercise. I guess I have always been interested in health and fitness coming from a family of health fanatics. I studied with CNM to enhance my knowledge and give me the qualification to take this further.

Chauffeuring the kids from one activity to another, I realised the gap in the market for a healthy treat for kids. From this, I developed and launched a ‘smRt bar’ which is now sold in Galway, Dublin, Wicklow, and throughout Ireland.

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From my studies at CNM, I understood the importance of and lack of iodine in our daily diets from the normal cognitive development of kids to normal growth. It made sense to add organic Irish seaweed which is naturally high in iodine to a healthy treat for kids. However, since launching the product we realised that our product is used by everyone from Irish top triathletes to mums, dad and all health conscious individuals. Thus, we have created a second product, Noribake, which recently got a Great Taste Award!

CNM gave me the knowledge and credentials to stand over our newly launched SmRt bar. We are constantly looking at the health market and trends and are developing new recipes for real health food that is also convenient. My training at CNM has been essential to furthering our brand.

Deirdre Kearney – CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

I realised I wanted to help sick people

Clare Foley, Graduate in Naturopathic Acupuncture

My first experience with natural therapies occurred in my teens after I’d been taking antibiotics for seven consecutive months for a throat infection. The infection was still there and my physical health had seriously deteriorated. On the acupuncturist’s couch just four needles were inserted in my hands and feet. After thirty minutes, I came out of a doze to find my mind buzzing with an alert clarity I hadn’t felt in years.

My body felt solid and heavy, like thirst-quenched earth after rain. I made big changes to my diet and got big changes in my enjoyment of life. About ten years later, I realised that I wanted to help sick people, as I had been helped. I studied naturopathy as well as acupuncture at CNM because I knew that having a repertoire of tools such as foods, natural supplements, herbs and home remedies was invaluable for people wanting to take control of their health as I had done.

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When I was gaining experience at hospitals in Beijing, I spoke with my fellow students – a German rheumatologist, a Swedish midwife, an Indian GP and many others. Not one of us could say how exactly the therapy worked but we could see, in the thousands of patients there, that it was highly effective. I practiced for some years with great patient outcomes but I was plagued with the thought that I didn’t fully understand how it worked. I had read popular physics books since I was a teenager and had been studying neuroscience in search of answers since I started training. Doing a science degree seemed like the obvious next step.

For my final year physics thesis, I looked at ‘chaos’ mathematics in electrical circuits and compared this to brain signalling. My research led me to hypothesize that stimulation of acupuncture points organises brain signalling in the way that sleep does. This is why acupuncture, as well as targeting specific symptoms by redirecting the body’s resources to a particular area, can have overall effects. Every treatment is like a rejuvenating holiday. Every treatment can bring more energy, better sleep, a bright relaxed mood, a looser waistband or better performance at work. I really enjoy using acupuncture as a tool to get big results for my clients fast.

It brings me great personal satisfaction that I have become a scientist capable of deep scientific inquiry, but what I still enjoy even more is sharing with my clients the many naturopathic tools I’ve gained through my CNM training so that they can maintain their new-found good health far into the future.

Clare Foley – CNM Graduate in Naturopathic Acupuncture

I’ve always been passionate about Nutrition

Karla, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition

Having moved from Mexico to Ireland over 10 years ago drastically changed my diet, lifestyle and waistline. My health and energy levels were affected as a result so when I came across CNM’s courses, I knew straight away that I wanted to learn about this topic.
I completed the Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition and that was just the start of this amazing journey!

In Mexico, we strongly believe and use natural therapies so I found the content of the course amazing! I’ve lectured and supervised student clinics at the college and have also completed a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, a Diploma in Integral Obesity Management and a Certificate in Sports Nutrition.
At the moment, whilst taking a career break to look after my children I’ve created Oh! So Nutritious. This is a blog where I share my knowledge to encourage other people to make better food choices, make physical activity a part of their lifestyle, and love their bodies with the view to achieve balance, happiness & wellness.

Karla Bohan – Nutritionist

I love my job

Emily, Graduate in Acupuncture and Naturopathy

I have always been interested in the body and how it works. I studied Beauty Therapy when I left school and very quickly specialised in Skincare. I soon realised the limitations of using product in isolation in achieving positive results.

I would ask myself question after question about why the skin was behaving the way it was. I knew I had to dig deeper beneath the layers and into the core of the cell to get my answers. This opened up the whole area of nutrition and the role of emotions on the body. It was a natural progression and necessary for me to get better results for my clients. When you begin the journey into Natural Medicine you cannot stop. It’s too fascinating.

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I have a special affinity to the skin. The skin gives away a lot about the health of a person. Also, I’ve seen people come in with severe Acne, Scarring or Rosacea and it really affects their confidence. Treating skin very often demands that you begin to work from the inside out. It’s crucial to look at the food you eat- is it nutritious and can you tolerate it? More often than not an unhappy gut can result in bad skin complaints. Stress and emotional health also play a significant role in skin problems. So even taking just one organ like the skin you cannot help but look at the body as a whole if you have any hope of treating it effectively.

I chose to study with CNM because I liked the quality of the course content and I liked the naturopathic approach which was at the core of each specialised therapy. It makes me think more wholly when it comes to treating the person. I also found my Acupuncture tutor fantastic.

I love my job, it’s so rewarding seeing people return having experienced positive results and feeling better in themselves. I like being of service to others and contributing to the bigger picture.

If you are about to graduate take a leaf out of your own book and adopt a holistic lifestyle. Support yourself, and be your own advertisement!

I like CNM’s high academic standards

Priti, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine

I went to the UK to study at CNM because I could undertake specialist studies in Naturopathic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. They have been my passion ever since gaining a Bachelor’s in Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences at University in India.

I’ve enjoyed the whole CNM experience, including the high academic standards and their very hands-on approach to the practical skills needed. My family in India are part of a spiritual Hindu organisation that runs its own hospital, so there’ll be plenty of opportunity for me to put my knowledge to good use when I graduate. There’s no shortage of people anywhere in the world who could use some help with their health.

I wanted to do something meaningful

Shaf, Graduate in Naturopathic Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy

After spending 8 years in property development, I wanted to do something which would utilise my interest in natural medicine. I tried a couple of correspondence courses on the subject but they didn’t work out because I’m better at face-to-face learning.

I was delighted to study part-time as I had to fit in study around my work and growing family. After graduating I practiced my skills in a medical centre, but I got so busy that I set up my own clinic. I’ve even been on a TV health program. I’m so lucky to be living my dream. It’s such rewarding work, watching patients going through amazing healing.