Natural Strategies for Safer Sun Exposure

What we eat and drink influence how we deal with sun exposure. Some of the following may support a healthier relationship with sunlight, especially in the summer months.

EAT SUNNY: certain foods support resilience from within, helping our body deal with the sun (and benefit from healthy eating in the process). Foods rich in vitamin D (organic raw dairy, fish and plant oils and fats), leafy greens and colourful berries and fruit are just some ideas.

RAW JUICES: boosting, detoxifying and wonderfully refreshing, they support overall health resilience.

VITAMIN D: a good quality supplement may help increase resistance to sunburn (it does not replace other sun protection measures, though).

HYDRATE: we lose more water through sweating in hot weather, so regularly sipping filtered water is advisable.

Of course, just eating/drinking right won’t go the whole way to benefiting from safe sun exposure, so practice some:

SUN SENSE: Be sensible; keep track how long you have been in the sun; protect babies and small children from over-exposure; sip water, avoid alcohol, sugar and heavy food;

CAUTION: you can still sunburn in the water or if it is cloudy.

CONTROLLED EXPOSURE: take sun exposure in bite-size chunks and use a timer to slowly build up.

EXTERNAL SUPPORT: research non-toxic alternative sun protection. Some plant oils have naturally high SPFs, whereas there is research pointing to commercial sunscreens contributing to skin cancer.

Seek the advice of a naturopathic practitioner, especially if you exercise or have other health needs, before you expose yourself to sunlight.

By Naturopath, Elle Fox

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