– Stephen Langley, ND

1. Vis Medicatrix Naturae – The healing power of Nature. There is a Vital Force or Life Force that, given the right conditions, will self-heal or self-correct. The Vital Force is stimulated by factors, which promote health and suppressed by excesses and deficiencies. For example, the body will heal a wound, absorb an ulcer and mend a bone.

2. Prevention is preferable to cure.

3. The root (underlying) cause of dysfunction is identified and treated. Not the branches (symptoms).
For example, as is commonly seen in skin conditions where steroid creams are applied topically (branch) without addressing the internal imbalance (root).

4. The Whole person is treated {Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Spiritually}.
For example, the person is not seen as just having a physical ailment or their health being designated to compartments. They are treated holistically, taking into consideration all the aspects in their life.

5. Health is much greater than just absence of infirmity. It should be abundant vitality.

6. The Person is treated, NOT the disease.
For example, we should not be asking what is the problem but why.

7. The individual is unique, each person responds in a different way.
For example, one shoe does not fit all. People will have different constitutions, blood types, doshas etc.

8. All disease starts with a disruption to the bodys *homeostatic mechanisms and Health is a return to balance of these mechanisms.
For example, the body is continually rebalancing itself within a narrow pH range and the two pillars governing health-toxicity and deficiency will determine the state of that balance.

9. Ill-Health is a product of the internal environment of the body rather than external influences. It is the soil that is the problem, not the microbes per se.

10. Deficiency and excess. If a person is deficient, treatment would be used to build them up. If excess (toxicity), treatment would involve breaking-down toxins (detoxification).
For example, treatment should be tailored to where the patient is, in terms of their health, at that moment.

11. Ailments should not be suppressed. Symptoms are there for a reason and are manifestations of Natures Healing Force. A Naturopath will encourage the body to promote its innate healing abilities

12. A Naturopath is an educator/teacher, empowering the patient to take responsibility for his/her own health

* From the Greek homoios (similar) + stasis (standing still) = to balance or remain constant


This excerpt was taken from The Naturopathy Workbook by Stephen Langley, MSc, ND, DipHom, DBM, DipAc, OMD.

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Stephen Langley MSc, ND, DipHom, DBM, DipAc, OMD, is a registered Naturopath, Homoeopath, Acupuncturist and Medical Herbalist. He has appeared on a number of television and radio programs concerning a wide range of health issues as well as being a regular contributor in the press for articles on health and healing. Stephen has studied Holistic Medicine in China, India, Hawaii, Australia, Tibet and Japan and has given talks on Naturopathic Medicine in many countries around the world.