My knowledge has changed my life and my family’s

Daniela Lawler, Student in Nutrition

Reading a nutrition magazine in a health café re-ignited an old passion from my early teens. After finding natural foods and experimenting in my kitchen, I was once again hooked.

I worked as an Events Manager but felt at a crossroads in my life.  The prospect of studying nutrition felt right and excited me.  A few months later I had enrolled at CNM, whom I chose because their curriculum sounded fascinating.

What do I love most about my studies? The variety of lectures, the like-minded people, and the flexible study plan (I’ve had two children since I started studying).

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The knowledge that I now have access to is incredible. It has not only changed my life but my whole family’s. I was able to help my 2 year old daughter who was infected by Campylobacter, which causes diarrhoea, vomiting and fever. I understood the damage it could do, especially to infants, and put together a nutritional plan to help heal her gut. We have also been able to help support my mother in law through her successful battle with stage 4 lung cancer.

I am expecting to graduate and open my clinic in late 2017. I’d like to specialise in supporting children, and adults who have cancer or poor gut health.

A Life Changing Decision


Nutritionist and College of Naturopathic Medicine graduate, Claire Grady.

A few years ago I found myself in a high stress job which was taking over my life.

Though I was succeeding at it, it was taking its toll on my overall wellbeing. I was starting to put on weight, I was constantly feeling tired and becoming increasingly unmotivated. I was relying on stimulants such as coffee, sugar and cigarettes to get though the long days. I realised that I need to make a change and wasn’t sure which direction to go in.

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I started to focus on my diet, on exercise and on stress management. Gradually my well-being began to return. I then saw a course advertised by CNM. I researched it and found they were offering a professionally recognized and well regarded diploma course which I could do part-time on weekends. I took the leap and signed up. It was the best investment I have ever made! As the diploma progressed I realized I had found my new career!

I now have a practice as a Nutritional Therapist in Galway and have a really healthy and balanced life helping others. There are some wonderful career opportunities in the field and I would highly recommend it.

I’m a GP studying Nutrition at CNM

Dr. Laura Quinton, Student in Nutrition

I qualified from medical school in 1991 and have been practising as a doctor since then, currently working as a GP in my own practice in London. I have a career long interest in complementary medicine and an open minded holistic approach to my patients.

Whilst conventional medicine is fantastic and lifesaving for many patients, I felt there had to be another way of tackling some health problems without endless prescriptions for drugs, which often seemed to do more harm than good; or fruitless referrals to hospital specialists who seemed to only focus on one part of the body and leave my patient and myself no closer to understanding the problem. I began to suspect that many patients’ problems had a connection with their food or their gut, which was not solved by referrals to dieticians and gastroenterologists. I started looking for a course to help me understand food as medicine.

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The idea of a naturopathic approach is what attracted me to CNM. Nutrition is placed firmly in the context of a person’s individual lifestyle and experience. History taking focuses on finding underlying drivers to a problem, and developing individually focussed solutions. I wanted a quality course where I could meet other people, collaborate, share ideas and foster relationships over time rather than a quick fix short course or something online and isolating.
At CNM the structure of the course is well paced, thorough, and standards are high. There are opportunities to critically evaluate the evidence behind the headlines. Lecturers are informed and experienced. I love coming to CNM and have gained so many new ideas and support from my fellow students. I have met many interesting people from a diverse variety of backgrounds. It has set me on a new path which is constantly exciting and rewarding. I find I already bring back small ideas to my own patients and fellow doctors which have had fantastic and positive results. It’s been a springboard for new learning. Food is the medicine we consume three times a day, yet my conventional medical training on nutrition had been very limited. I am constantly amazed by what I did not appreciate before the course.
I feel really positive that there are exciting alternative solutions to managing health through food and gut health. I genuinely feel I am involved in some cutting edge ideas for health in the future.

Why I’m training for a new career

Julia, Student in Nutrition

The CNM course is both challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to qualifying as a nutritional therapist next year and starting a new career and way of life.I started my studies with CNM two years ago after discovering for myself the power of food and nutrition to change my life. I am currently a business consultant and so studying nutrition is a world away from my current day job. I also studied History at university and so I didn’t come from a scientific background.

The CNM course is both challenging and rewarding and I am looking forward to qualifying as a nutritional therapist next year and starting a new career and way of life.

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I grew up with a family who were very focused on natural therapies and we had a homeopathic GP. It was therefore very natural for me three years ago when I was diagnosed with fibroids to look to natural therapies rather than just accepting the NHS’s solution of radical surgery.

I changed my diet and lifestyle considerably and within six months all of the fibroid symptoms had gone and for the first time in my adult life I had normal periods. My life today is unrecognisable from what it was – I have lost weight, become far healthier, radically altered my diet and have fallen in love with sport and nutrition. I now take part in marathons, triathlons and cycling events, and sport is an every day part of my life.

I now want to take the opportunity, once qualified, to support and help others transform their lives and health through nutrition. It is incredibly empowering to take control of your health and I’m excited about my future career and the opportunities ahead.

CNM offers both a mixture of lectures and clinical practice and this approach is invaluable in making you feel prepared to start your own practice or work in the field of nutrition in other ways. There is a fascinating mix of students on the course from all different backgrounds with different experiences to learn from, as well as from the lecturers themselves.

Acupuncture – a meaningful path

Ingrid Huang, Student in Acupuncture

Studying at CNM is such an adventure – it’s a great college, the people are amazing. I studied law, but never found working in that area truly interesting. After I had my second child, and was looking to return to work, I asked myself what I was doing with my life. My mum practices Acupuncture in the USA and from her experience I knew that could offer me a meaningful path. My husband and I worked out a plan whereby I could retrain as an Acupuncturist.

I considered various courses but they couldn’t offer what I needed whilst being a mum. CNM was the best option as it offers great classes, and weekend study. It’s really affordable and the teachers are amazing. It’s flexible, too. I completed my first year at CNM studying Biomedicine, and when I fell pregnant with my third child I took a year out to be with my new born baby.

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I’m about to start my third year at CNM, which will be heavily focused on clinical experience. I’m really happy with my teachers; they’re very sensitive to the students’ needs and are always looking to help. Studying at CNM is such an adventure – it’s a great college, the people are amazing and what I’m learning has already benefited our family’s health and happiness.

My advice for anyone interested in studying Natural Health is ‘just start’. You’re never too old to learn, and CNM training helps you set yourself up for professional success.

My Dad’s Acupuncture inspired my career

Vanessa Callender, Student in Acupuncture

Back in Australia my family have always utilised natural therapies. My mother was a nurse who re-trained as a Homeopath.

When my father was diagnosed as having a serious condition, he got extremely positive results using Acupuncture, astounding his medical consultant in the process. After travelling to the UK, meeting my husband and settling down to start a family, I found natural therapies, such as homeopathy, to be gentle and effective for my children. My grand plan was always to return to work once the children were at school. With no local family support, however, it was a no-brainer to make the decision to be able to work from home, or at least to be available at school pick up and drop off times.

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I have a degree in journalism, but I spent a long time thinking about what it was that I was passionate about, before deciding that I really wanted to study Acupuncture. CNM has accreditation from numerous professional bodies which was vital in deciding to study through them, so that I could make a career out of what I had chosen. I found out I could study Biomedicine at CNM here in Belfast and then commute down to CNM Dublin for the next stage of the course which includes Naturopathic Study, and Acupuncture.

The course fits perfectly with my lifestyle. I am able to study during the day whilst my children are at school; and on study weekends my husband gets one to one time with them. It is such a joy to meet other people at CNM who have enjoyed improved health because of natural therapies, and those who are now keen to learn, study and share their knowledge with others.

I can’t wait to qualify and use my knowledge to help family, friends and myself to achieve a better level of health. I am already enjoying the knowledge I learned in the Biomedicine foundation year (which gives the brain a real work out, and is so rewarding to complete). I am so excited about the things I am going to learn this year, and in the years to come. I would encourage anyone thinking of undertaking the course to go for it.

Cricket Player Turns to Nutrition

Alex, Student in Naturopathic Nutrition

As a sports-mad kid growing up in Australia, nutrition was more of an afterthought. I thought, “if you’re active, you’re healthy”.

In 2007, I moved to Ireland and began playing cricket for the Irish team. It was then that my attitude towards nutrition started to change. By 2008, the Irish team had become mostly professional players, and the importance of nutrition and hydration became a big role in our preparations for games. In 2013, I was struck down with painful sciatica and a bulging disc.

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I was given numerous steroid injections that had little effect. I did some research, and realised how bad my diet was and that I needed a change. I knew I wanted to heal myself naturally. Immediately, I went on a vegetarian diet and cut out all processed foods. I also started Bikram yoga. After the first week I could feel the benefits of the fresh vegetables, fruits and whole foods. And thanks to my new diet and exercise routine, I had avoided surgery and was able to return to cricket within four months.

One year later I decided to start the naturopathic nutrition course at CNM Dublin. I knew first-hand what the effects eating fresh, whole foods can have on your body. I am enjoying the course immensely and am starting to gather sound knowledge. I have also influenced my three young kids and other family members to improve their diets and overall lifestyles.
My goal after graduating is to help others achieve their optimal health and wellbeing as I have, and I’m really looking forward to it!

I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers

Mhari Henderson, Student in Naturopathic Nutrition

As a nurse I have always enjoyed helping others. I currently lecture at Edinburgh Napier University where I teach nursing students.

About four years ago I just didn’t feel particular great. The skin over my body was bad and my mood was very low. I don’t remember having much input into nutrition as a student nurse, but I did my own research and decided to follow a purely plant-based, mostly organic diet, and to cut out all processed food. Within a couple of months my skin was clear, my eczema gone, and best of all, the cloud which had followed me around each day had vanished. I felt as though a fog had cleared out of my head.

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The positive impact of changing my lifestyle was so dramatic that I became greatly interested in nutrition, which is why I am studying the CNM Diploma Course in Naturopathic Nutrition. Because I’m a registered nurse I didn’t have to do the introductory course in Biomedicine. I’ve just finished ‘Nutrition Year 1’. I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers and the wealth of knowledge they have. It’s outstanding.

This course will give me the skills and tools to carry on helping people. I will continue in my post as nurse lecturer, but hope also to run clinics and give talks in local communities. I might even write a book, who knows?

My interest for Nutrition grew and is now a passion


Lucy Drennan, Student in Naturopathic Nutrition

I previously worked in hospitality where I was exposed to people’s eating habits and was constantly hearing about women struggling to keep healthy or unsure of what to eat.

They would binge eat or feel guilt or unease about their food choices. At home, some family members also had some weight issues which I think had an impact on me subconsciously.

I came across an advert for Fitter Food’s book ‘A Lifelong Recipe for Fat Loss’ and randomly bought it as it sounded life changing. Well it was! I started following their paleo-ish guidelines and approach to nutrition, getting into cooking, acknowledging my food intake, and my interest grew further, eventually turning into a real passion for nutrition. Later, I found a CNM advert and went along to their open evening before deciding it was definitely for me and enroling on naturopathic nutrition course.

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I love CNM’s holistic approach to health and wellbeing and I was really attracted to how their course includes lots of practical clinical experience to set you up as a confident therapist after graduating.

I am currently nearing the end of my second year and I’m thoroughly enjoying the continual learning and gaining of experience. The impact of nutrition on the human body amazes me even more. CNM offers a great way of understanding this further and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in health based on a naturopathic approach.

Once I qualify, I would like to practice straight away either with private clients, in house coaching, or joining a clinic or other establishment in the health industry. I would also like to do some travelling as one of the best parts of this career can be the flexibility!